Virtual Inventory Manufacturing Alliance

C reating a Revolution in
Apparel Manufacturing
Methods based on
Virtual Inventories

  • Purchase Activated Manufacturing
  • Digital Demand
  • Replenishment

What is ViMA?

ViMA is a membership-based alliance of apparel equipment and software manufacturers, suppliers, trade associations, and apparel manufacturers collaborating together to provide the apparel industry with the technologies, equipment, software, training, certification, and business knowledge to install and operate "virtual-inventory-based"  integrated-mini-factories and to train the industry on their supporting best-practices.


  • Market Development: To create a joint marketing agreement between alliance member companies and service organizations to focus on bringing demand and purchase-activated-manufacturing solutions into broad industry acceptance.
  • Pilot Facilities to Drive Sales: To create one or more demonstration facilities where purchase activated apparel manufacturing can be proven, demonstrated, sold to potential customers, and all member companies can benefit.
  • Create Change: PAM and Demand manufacturing represent significant change to an inventory-based, supply chain driven industry. To accomplish this magnitude of change and introduce digital agility in a mature industry requires it come from the inside, adopted and promoted by the leading vendors and trade associations supporting that industry. It requires a focused 'trade-group' coordinating market and technology development. This is ViMA!
  • Drive Adoption: Through the Alliance promote, sell, and implement Integrated Mini-Factories based on PAM or Demand-Manufacturing globally.
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