Purchase Activated Manufacturing, PAM

PAM Factories can be located anywhere!

PAM Factories Transform Manufacturing into the Internet Age

This self-contained factory design represents a breakthrough in Manufacturing Technology .

A PAM-based factory incorporates the complete manufacture of apparel from design to finished garments under one roof, a single automated and integrated mini-factory, containing order processing, design, pattern & marker  generation, dual-sided dyeing, printing, labeling in a single pass, optical cutting, robotic handling, sewing, finishing, and shipping at two to three times the profit of producing apparel using today's mass-manufacturing, global supply chain approach.

Virtual Inventory, No Minimums, No Movement, No Water

The strategy of Purchase Activated Manufacturing, PAM, represents a real internet-age technology breakthrough.  From a virtual inventory of white fabric, there is no finished goods inventory. Nothing is made till the consumer places and pays for an order.  Delivery time for custom apparel to the consumer is now a few days versus multiple months in today's inventory-centric production models.

Days to Delivery, 2-3 times the Profit, No Pollution, No Inventory

Environmental Impact:

  • No Water: means no issues with the "Clean-Water" Act
  • No Toxic Chemicals or byproducts: Means no issues with the "Clean-Air or Clean Water" Acts.