AM4U, Inc.

AM4U Profile:

AM4U is a technology development and licensing company based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. near the heart of the Los Angeles region's garment manufacturing industry. AM4U's founder and CEO, Bill Grier, developed ATC technology and the company is focused on bringing it to market through ViMA.

AM 4U's PAM Technology:

  • Active Tunnel Coloration: The patent pending, core technology for digital dyeing, printing, and labeling fabric, thread, zippers, buttons, hook-&-loop, etc. inline in the production process.
  • AM4U is also developing a number of PAM-specific software solutions that will enable PAM-based integrated mini-factories to be seamlessly integrated into a network of ViMA supported integrated factories. Read about PAM and how it is revolutionizing the apparel industry.

Active Tunnel Coloration, ATC:

  • ATC is a revolutionary change in coloring fabrics because it uses physics rather than chemistry to digitally dye, print, and label fabric dual-sided in a single pass.  ATC-based fabric dyeing and printing is far more revolutionary than 3D-printing.
  • Via heat and photon stimulation, ATC uses physical properties of the fiber, similar to capillary action, to pump dye inside the fibers, then seals the fiber, locking the dye inside.
  • ATC dyed/printed fabric is impervious to bleach since the dye is inside the fibers, not on the surface like sublimation processes
  • No pre-processing of fabric.  No post-processing of fabric.  No residual contamination on the fabric. And, no use of water anywhere in the process.
  • ATC accessories are in development to extend the technology to thread, yarn, fibers, hook & loop, buttons, zippers, and thick pre-made components such as collars and cuffs, resulting in the ability to color all components for apparel manufacture on demand from virtual inventories.
  • Read about ATC and how it allows empowers PAM.