Manufacturing Technology behind ViMA's PAM

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Each participant in the ViMA Alliance brings unique technology to bear and contributes to the ability to successfully put an entire garment manufacturing capability into a fully integrated mini-factory.  Here is a summary of what a PAM-IMF is, what it does, and what each participant contributes.

Purchase Activated Manufacturing:

  • With purchase-activated-manufacturing, PAM, nothing is made until the order is placed and paid for by the customer.  This means zero inventory of physical goods, only a virtual-inventory of fabric used to make finished product when ordered.

Demand Manufacturing:

  • With demand-manufacturing, inventory is virtual as rolls of unprinted white fabric and a digital design pattern. Dyeing or printing is done only as needed to keep retail supply pipelines flowing to replace consumption, not stocked. Thus, due to short production cycle times, manufacturing is "on-demand."

Integrated Mini-Factory:

  • A PAM-based factory incorporates the complete manufacture of apparel from design to finished garments under one roof. Thus, a single automated and integrated mini-factory, contains order processing, design, pattern & marker generation, dual-sided dyeing, printing, labeling in a single pass, optical cutting, robotic handling, sewing, finishing, and shipping.

PAM-Specific Manufacturing Technologies of Current Members:


  • Active Tunnel Coloration: The core technology for digital dyeing, printing, and labeling fabric, thread, zippers, buttons, hook-&-loop, etc. inline in the production process.
  • POMS: PAM Order Management System - The software management layer sitting between retail websites ordering finished garments from ViMA certified IMF


  • Roll-to-Roll Fabric Heat Presses with ATC technology incorporated to dye, print, and label in a single pass on both sides simultaneously with 'change-on-the-fly' capability so that every piece on the roll can be different colors or prints.
Gerber Technology:
  • Using the Contour-Vision single layer optical cutter, individual orders and pieces are cut from the roll of printed fabric right off the Monti-Antonio press. Integrated optically read labels allow bundling and passing of cut pieces to the Eton Systems robotics for tracking and sewing.
Eton Systems:
  • Eton's apparel production robots and tracking systems automate handling and production scheduling from cutting to shipping.
  • Software supplier for catalog, pattern, marker, and print-fill platforms
  • Software vendor for the RIP Software for digital printing
  • Software vendor for the RIP Software for digital printing
Allied Modular Building Systems:
  • Vendor of modular building enclosures for environmental controls.
  • Trade Association partner who will lead PAM transformation with training and certification programs
  • Trade Association partner who will sponsor and promote market education related to PAM and Demand Manufacturing
Cal-Poly Pomona Department of Apparel Merchandising and Management:
  • The academic sponsor for research and educational programs/courses related to PAM

Other Virtual Inventory Manufacturing Members:

  • Leading custom knitting machines and developer of advanced knit fabrics