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Highlights since the July 11 2014 Launch Event

posted Sep 22, 2014, 11:04 AM by Michael Peterson [ updated Sep 22, 2014, 12:29 PM ]
Open House:
On July 11, 2014, AM4U held an open house to introduce the world to the concept of the Integrated Mini-Factory for Apparel Manufacturing built around the AT-Infusion™ dyeing/printing/labeling process.  140 individuals attended representing government, academia, press, industry participants, vendors, and manufacturers. Since then, AM4U has hosted a steady parade of apparel companies shopping factories. Almost all of the leading companies have visited and most are in some stage of preparing to buy their first factory.  The orders are primed to come now. It is time for ViMA to collaborate and prepare for the growth of this new industry segment.

ViMA Highlights:

  • While the initial membership drive was completed in late 2013, new companies interested in membership continue to surface since the Open House.  They are being invited to the Annual Meeting in October.
  • The first Marketing Video giving an overview of the power of PAM, was produced and posted on YouTube and linked to the ViMA website
    • Two additional videos are scheduled to be released the week of Sept 22
  • AM4U turned to actively begin selling factories after the Open House
    • The Response from all major labels has been extraordinary
    • Factories are now in the active order process
  • Factory development partnerships are being created


  1. Based on early interest, MOUs in hand, and the high level of investigation, we can say that the apparel industry is embracing the shift to Virtual Inventory Manufacturing
  2. Where is your company in embracing and participating in this important revolution
  3. Is ViMA represented on your website, in your sales materials, to your customers?
  4. Do you see the business opportunity and how to accelerate it for your own business?
  5. Are you using the videos we've produced explaining this transformative shift?
  6. The Pilot Facility is open for business and viewing and currently receiving multiple visits per week

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