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At the November SGIA tradeshow in Las Vegas, AM4U won two product awards, recognizing the unique capabilities of the AM4U technology.

  • Category 13: Piece Goods    Subgroup D: Digital Entries
    • "Frozen" Reversible Leggings:  Bronze Award

  • Category 14: Textile Products (Other)    Subgroup D: Digital Entries
    • Fashion Tote Bag and Coordinated Neck Scarf:  Gold Award

Highlights since the July 11 2014 Launch Event

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Open House:
On July 11, 2014, AM4U held an open house to introduce the world to the concept of the Integrated Mini-Factory for Apparel Manufacturing built around the AT-Infusion™ dyeing/printing/labeling process.  140 individuals attended representing government, academia, press, industry participants, vendors, and manufacturers. Since then, AM4U has hosted a steady parade of apparel companies shopping factories. Almost all of the leading companies have visited and most are in some stage of preparing to buy their first factory.  The orders are primed to come now. It is time for ViMA to collaborate and prepare for the growth of this new industry segment.

ViMA Highlights:

  • While the initial membership drive was completed in late 2013, new companies interested in membership continue to surface since the Open House.  They are being invited to the Annual Meeting in October.
  • The first Marketing Video giving an overview of the power of PAM, was produced and posted on YouTube and linked to the ViMA website
    • Two additional videos are scheduled to be released the week of Sept 22
  • AM4U turned to actively begin selling factories after the Open House
    • The Response from all major labels has been extraordinary
    • Factories are now in the active order process
  • Factory development partnerships are being created


  1. Based on early interest, MOUs in hand, and the high level of investigation, we can say that the apparel industry is embracing the shift to Virtual Inventory Manufacturing
  2. Where is your company in embracing and participating in this important revolution
  3. Is ViMA represented on your website, in your sales materials, to your customers?
  4. Do you see the business opportunity and how to accelerate it for your own business?
  5. Are you using the videos we've produced explaining this transformative shift?
  6. The Pilot Facility is open for business and viewing and currently receiving multiple visits per week

ViMA Membership

Announcing ViMA's Annual Meeting

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■ At the SGIA Tradeshow
in Las Vegas on:

October 22, 2014
ViMA is now one year old and Factories are being purchased.  Since the July 11th Open House at AM4U, almost the entire industry has visited.  Excitement is high and Its time to get the organization collaborating on creating this industry.

This is an important meeting - make sure your company is represented.

Meeting details in the ►

Feature Article on VPL

posted Jul 16, 2014, 8:01 AM by Michael Peterson

New ways of thinking

Being a “fabric solutions provider” also means Vanguard Pai Lung is looking at new ways of competing. And that has involved reinventing itself as a company and taking on projects it believes will play a strong hand in America’s re-shoring effort.

One such project is its investment in AM4U (Apparel Made For You), a California company that has developed a game-changing and green technology innovation for the fabric and apparel industry. Through patent-pending Active Tunnel Infusion (AT-Infusion™), the company is able to digitally dye, print and label fabric in production without water. This process, according to AM4U, would “allow garment manufacturing to return to North America at a higher profit.”

“We really believe in this,” Moody said. “We did our research on it and James (Wang) did his research on it on the other side of the world and decided we wanted to be a part of this. There are a number of companies interested in this technology.”

Working with AM4U, Vanguard has developed a knitted fabric it calls “Janus” that can be printed with a denim pattern on one side and another pattern on the opposite side.

“I toured the factory in California,” said Nestle, who previously sold dyes and chemicals before joining Vanguard Pai Lung in January. “I’ve learned over the years what you have to do to dye fabric. And I walked out of there scratching my bald head. Once I understood the science behind it, I said ‘this makes sense.’ And it’s not sublimation.”

And a technological bonus: The dyed or printed fabric can be bleached.

“With diseases that can occur because you can’t wash clothing in bleach because of all the colors, this is a huge breakthrough,” Moody said.

New Member: 4U Resource Network

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4U Resource Network is a new company formed by an Investor in AM4U, Inc. London Whitted.   Here's their byline:

"4U Resource Network provides complete sourcing  for IMFs worldwide using the patented AM4U technology including funding, site review, design, marketing and fulfilment. 4U Resource Network provides turnkey solutions to give you a leading edge advantage getting your company to the marketplace quickly and efficiently."

New PAM Executive Overview Video Available for Distribution

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All ViMA members are encouraged to distribute the link to the new PAM Executive Overview video to your clients and to add it to your sales programs.  Let your sales and marketing people know that they can begin selling around PAM or Demand-manufacturing immediately.  (And add any relevant videos you want to the playlists.)

PAM and ViMA Playlists for market Education:

ViMA - Integrated Mini-Factory: ViMA Partner Video Playlist

posted May 30, 2014, 10:23 AM by Michael Peterson [ updated May 30, 2014, 10:52 AM ]

ViMA now has a playlist set up for videos that you can add to your YouTube channels and that you can add videos to expand.
Please have your social media people update your youtube listings and give us a list of videos to add to the playlist.

Vote in the 2Degrees Contest for ViMA

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ViMA is a finalist in the Water Management Section.  We need your vote. Please follow the link below, join, and vote for us.

2Degrees Award Submission

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2degrees Champions Awards 2014

Sustainability Award Application

ViMA applies for the 2Degrees Awards for 2014 based on PAM as a revolution in manufacturing technology that will change the 'sustainability' discussion from "when in the future will you stop polluting..." to "stop it now, today!"

What are the 2degrees Champions Awards?

  • The 2degrees Champions Awards were established to recognize the individuals and companies driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of sustainable business, as voted for by their peers.
What are the award Categories we are applying for?
  • Innovation of the Year
    • We are on the look-out for the very best technologies and solutions that are yet to reach full commercialization. The Innovation of the Year award will go to the person or product that demonstrates true invention – which has the power to disrupt, transform or create a brand new product category all of its own.
  • Water Management
    • Winners of this category will have shown that water risk forms a core part of their overall strategy. Promote what you have done to reduce water use, embed water stewardship principles, develop a water risk strategy, track your usage or collaborate with suppliers.

Dyeing Wastewater

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A Monstrous Mess: toxic water pollution in China

  • January 23, 2014
Greenpeace East Asia's Detox campaign recently discovered a huge black plume of wastewater around the size of 50 Olympic swimming pools on the sea's surface coming out of a discharge pipe from the Wubao Dyeing Industrial zone and more specifically, the Haitian Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd wastewater treatment plant which serves 19 of Shishi's textile dyeing facilities.

Report here.

In China alone there are 435 discharge points like the one serving Wubao, spanning the coast and releasing 32.2 billion tons of wastewater into the sea each year. In 2012, a staggering 68% of them had records for illegal discharge while 25% had never met national environmental standards, according to official data from China's state Ocean Administration

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